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Does Zumba Help or Hurt Your Salsa Practice?

Zumba. You’ll find it heavily seasoning just about any gym group class schedule, often available during traditional salsa “off hours” like early morning and at noon, making it seem like the perfect complement to your evening salsa class practices. Zumba has some elements of Latin dance, including salsa, but was designed to be a fun, cardio-driven group exercise class that you don’t need a partner to enjoy. Some hardcore salsa lovers say that zumba can be a great way to work on flair, strength, flexibility and choreography that will better your salsa practice—while others say it can hinder it! There’s no definitive answer and, maddeningly, the only real answer is, “It depends.” Zumba can help

10 Reasons to dance SALSA!

If you're considering learning to dance salsa, there's a lot of reasons to take the plunge and just do it! Salsa dancing is one of the most common social dances in the's a style of dance accessible by people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, professions. And if you think you can't dance, think again...! Here's our TOP 10 reasons why people love to dance salsa... If you thought club dancing was fun, multiply that fun factor by a zillion. There's a reason for the term "salsaholic"... You just won't be able to resist it! Salsa dancing gives you the opportunity to meet A LOT (like a lot) of people who love dancing too. Whether you are shy or really outgoing, salsa dancing offers a


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