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Lead and Follow - The Secret to Partner Dancing

The most difficult thing to master in ballroom dance, salsa, tango, swing, latin - or any other kind of partner dancing - is not the steps. It's the interaction with your partner! "Lead and follow" is the secret to getting two partners dancing smoothly together. It's simply impossible for two people, dancing in close contact, to move seamlessly if each person making their own decisions, choosing their own timing and doing their steps independently. They must coordinate their moves perfectly - and the only way to achieve that is for one person to direct the moves and the other person to follow. If you were wondering why the Antonia Banderas ballroom movie was called "Take the Lead", now you k

What Is Salsa Music and What Is Its Origin?

Salsa music seems to inspire an instant reaction in Latin music lovers everywhere. It is the rhythm, the dance, the musical excitement that sends millions of people to the dance floor—Latino or not. Salsa Music Salsa music borrows much from the Cuban son. With heavy use of percussion, such as the clave, maracas, conga, bongo, tambora, bato, cowbell, the instruments and the singers often mimic the call and response patterns of traditional African songs, and then break into the chorus. Other salsa instruments include the vibraphone, marimba, bass, guitar, violin, piano, accordion, flute and a brass section of trombone, trumpet and saxophone. As of late, in modern salsa, electronics are added t


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