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10 Reasons to dance SALSA!

If you're considering learning to dance salsa, there's a lot of reasons to take the plunge and just do it! Salsa dancing is one of the most common social dances in the's a style of dance accessible by people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, professions. And if you think you can't dance, think again...! Here's our TOP 10 reasons why people love to dance salsa...

  1. If you thought club dancing was fun, multiply that fun factor by a zillion. There's a reason for the term "salsaholic"... You just won't be able to resist it!

  2. Salsa dancing gives you the opportunity to meet A LOT (like a lot) of people who love dancing too. Whether you are shy or really outgoing, salsa dancing offers a place for you to connect with tons of people you may never have met .

  3. The music is infectious... With so many influences in salsa music (jazz, afro, urban, folkloric), there's so much variety. It's tough to get bored of salsa music because there's always something to fit every mood!

  4. Salsa dancing offers a great night life! Spice up your social life, create new friendships?

  5. It's a way to de-stress from day to day chaos (without alcohol). Salsa music can move your soul and inspire you to let loose and be creative. Save $$ on drinks and still have a blast!

  6. A big attraction for many people is that salsa is not only cool, but super fun. We all have a desire for connection, so some no-strings-attached dances with a few dozen partners a night could be just what the doctor ordered :)

  7. You'll get exercise and won't even realize it. Salsa can be fast, slow, mid tempo...but in all cases, it's the kind of dance that keeps you on your toes! Why not get a workout AND have fun?

  8. Salsa is meant to be danced socially. What you can learn in the classroom can actually be put into practice at the clubs immediately! You won't have to wait years to start enjoying it.

  9. You learn a new skill to keep your mind and body challenged.

  10. Take your dancing anywhere in the world.. Just about every major city in the world has a salsa dance community. You never have to search too hard to find something to do on a vacation, business trip, or long weekend... salsa is awaiting!

Let the fun, experienced instructors at La Baila Vista Latin Dance School take you on a salsa journey that you only wished you started sooner! We offer group lessons (for different levels of dancers - beginners, intermediate or advanced), drop-in classes, workshops, performance classes and private lessons.

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