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Ambition, both a curse & a blessing

I wrestle on a daily basis some existential thoughts. Like what is the point, why am I doing anything and everything that I am currently doing.

I have my full time work flower seeds company (Biocarve Seeds), my salsa dance school (La Baila Vista), my lovely family, my beautiful and super fun wife and to top everything else, I am also expecting a baby soon. So, what else am I chasing. And to be absolute honest, the answer is “I don’t know”. To be honest, I really don’t know, maybe.

Now, me writing this post is not an emotional cry for help. I am extremely happy. I am a happy person. I am happy right now. I am very grateful for everything I have. I am appreciative of what I am and how I got here. There is very little I do or would ever take for granted.

But (but with a big “B”)!!, I want more, and I want to do more, accomplish and achieve more.

And this is what brings me to my topic, ambition is both a curse and a blessing.

It's a blessing because, without an ambition you are just treading water. It’s ambition that make you swim to place you never imagined. It’s ambition that take you everywhere you would ever want to go.

But ambition is also a curse. Because it’s not really about the destination. It’s not achieving what you hope to achieve that satisfies you ambition. It’s that actual chasing, it's the doing. Ambition is only fed, when you are constantly spooning and feeding it with the “doing”, not the accomplishing. The curse of the ambition is that it always demands more.

So, what is the point. What is the universal North Star. What is the only thing we are all chasing after?

And I think that it's “Happiness”. Happiness doesn't just manifest as a product of ambition. It can come from love. It can come from the fulfilment. It can come from calm and peace.

Thinking of this thought, I think about what makes me happy? Well, being with my wife and my family makes me happy, my work makes me happy, doing something more than ordinary or creative makes me happy, thinking of a new idea that I feel I can create or make it happen makes me happy, my dancing and giving in more than my 100% for my dance school makes me happy.

May God bless us all with whatever makes us happy.

Thanks for reading.


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