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10+ Youtube Channels for Salsa Inspiration and Knowledge

As much as I have heard, that you can not learn Salsa/Bachata by looking at Youtube Video (which I believe in as well), I also believe that once we have our basics in place and we want to progress more, we need a regular dose of inspiration. And as per me, Youtube videos are the best source for that. Where you can see the best of best showcase themselves, when we want and where we want. Hence, I have jotted a few Youtube channels that I use for my motivation and knowledge here. ​

  1. Dance Dojo

About: Dance Dojo is an online salsa school for students and instructors around the world who want to improve their salsa dancing with a proven progressive curriculum developed by 3X salsa champions Patrick and Scarlet. Channel Link:

  1. Krambo Dance About: To help those who don't have a chance to get a proper instruction in dancing, live away from big cities or cannot afford going to festivals or to NYC to learn Salsa New York style. Channel Link:

  2. Anna LEV About: A Russian salsa dancer and teacher. In he video blogs she share her salsa secrets. Here you will find short videos about salsa lady styling and women's technique. I always try to show the things that will be useful on the dance floor and that will help you faster to become a better dancer. Channel Link:

  3. Toronto Dance Salsa: About: Toronto Dance Salsa, Canada's largest salsa dance school that specialize in turning absolute "Two-left feet" beginners into seasoned Salseros/Salseras so get ready to get fit, meet new friends and have a blast learning Salsa with our fun salsa lessons! Channel Link:

  4. Addicted2Salsa: About: Salsa is more than music and dance, it is a lifestyle! Learn how to salsa dance at your own pace with our easy to follow salsa dance video lessons - for FREE! Channel Link:​

  5. Salsa Colombia: About: This is the official page for Colombian Salsa, here you will find the latest moves and crazy combos tutorials shown step by step. Channel Link:

  6. Baila Production: About: Fueled by passion, this channel was created to share Salsa dance techniques, tips, tricks, experiences and some funny bits about our Salsa world. Through Salsa we inspire you to move, connect and express yourself. Channel Link:

  7. World Salsa Summit About: This is the official YouTube channel for the World Salsa Summit. Channel Link:

  8. Step Into Salsa About: Teaching the world how to dance the popular On2 Style of Salsa. Channel Link:

  9. Dance Space008 About: Music, Bachata, Love, Salsa all this and more with me, DANCE SPACE by Cornel Rodrigues will leave your hips swaying and heart wanting for more. Channel Link:



  • Phothomas

About: PhoThomas - Bachata Is Taking Over ● Official YouTube Channel ● THE BEST Bachata HD Videos EVER ➤ Workshops/Shows/Social and more.. OFFICIAL Daniel y Desiree Cameraman Channel Link:



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Emery D
Emery D
Sep 26, 2021

This is a great post thanks for sharing it

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