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30 second Showcase



To register for the Salsa 30 second Showcase competition only, click on the "Register now" button and purchase the "Salsa Showcase" ticket. 

Salsa 30sec Showcase Rules

  • Send us your video via email on

  • Last day to submit your video is 20th March 2022 

  • Your videos needs to be min 30 sec and max 45 sec long

  • Dance form needs to be Salsa (partner-work) it could be same-gender or opposite genders

  • A Maximum of 2 lifts are allowed 

  • Your submitted video will be posted on La Baila Vista instagram 

  • Of the 30 points of judgement - 10 are based on social media (unique) comments & 20 on judges

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Judgement Criteria

​Out of the 30 points, 10 points are based higher number of unique account comments on your video posted on @LaBailaVista instagram. And the other 20 points will be given out by the judges using the following criteria. The Relative Placement System will be used to judge all competitions.


  • Timing“How Your Body Connects to the Music”

  • Technique“How Well You Do What You Do.” How well the Competitors execute the movements comprising their dance constitutes technique. We are looking for good footwork, balance, control, frame, and how well turns & spins are executed, and control of arms and hands.

  • Teamwork"How Well You Work Together.” Salsa is a connected, partner dance. The demonstration of this connection and the appearance of lead/follow or action/reaction between the partners is an expected part of any competition. It is the ability to work together as a team.

  • Content/Choreography“What You Do.” The selection and order of movements and transitions executed during a dance comprises choreography. Good choreography demonstrates an intimate connection with the music and its phrasing, as well as variety and contrast of movements. Choreography must be tasteful and respectful to the audience.

  • Showmanship/Presentation“How Well You Sell What You Do.” To create an atmosphere of excitement by inviting and generating interest in a performance is the desired effect of good presentation. While providing a good show is one aspect of presentation, a good show is not a substitute for good dancing.

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