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Sahira Jain

Level - L3

Recognising Latin dance as my passion was certainly the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. It has made me more exuberant, enthusiastic.

- Gold Medal for Salsa Solo (16-18 age Category) at 11th National DanceSports Championship
- 11th National DanceSports Championship 2019 Participant in Salsa Couple (16-18 age Category)
- National DanceSport 2019 Participant in Salsa Solo (Youth Category)
- Amateur Category Salsa Couple competition at IIDC 2018

- LBV team Bachata/Kizomba performance at Farm Salsa Social 2019
- LBV team Bachata/Rueda performance at Zenith PGI 2019
- LBV team Bachata/Rueda performance at World Art Festival | June 2019
- LBV team Kizomba performance at Halloween Salsa Social 2018

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